Frequently Asked Questions

1In which cases can the implant be applied?
The implant is applied to eliminate the problems in terms of health and aesthetics in case of missing teeth or teeth in the mouth.
2What are the advantages of the implant method?
Implant is a reliable, healthy and long-lasting application. It is indistinguishable from real teeth and provides the same function as real teeth, and patients do not even feel its presence.
3What is the difference between the implant and the traditional bridge method?
The traditional bridge method requires processing on adjacent teeth as well. In the implant, there is no need to do any action on the neighboring teeth. At this point, it is a modern method that provides an advantage.
4What are the differences between titanium and zirconium implants?
Zirconium is a metal-free implant. Zirconium implants are more resistant than titanium implants. Zirconium implants are highly preferred because they are the closest to natural teeth in terms of aesthetics and reflect light. Titanium implants are more economical than zirconium implants.
5How long do implants last?
Implants are durable enough to be used for life. For this, general oral care procedures should be done.
6Are implants harmful to health?
Implants are materials that do not have any side effects on health and are produced as a result of scientific and technological research.
7What should be considered when making an implant?
Detailed examination and examinations are required for success in the implant. The structure of the jawbone where the implant will be applied must be suitable. The structure of the jawbone is the most important factor affecting the success of the implant. In terms of success, experienced physicians and clinics with advanced technology should be preferred.
8What is the age limit for the implant?
Implants can be applied to patients who have completed their jawbone development, whose jawbone structure is suitable and who do not have any problems in general health.
9Is the implant an expensive treatment method?
Although implant treatment is a more expensive method than other methods, it is a more affordable method than others in terms of health, reliability, comfort, aesthetics and longevity.

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