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Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry

In today's life cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry are often used interchangeably. But still it can be noted that cosmetic dentistry covers a broader field. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on appearance instead. While aesthetic dentistry displays a multidisciplinary approach by focusing on oral health, functionality and on appearance.

The Importance of Aesthetic Teeth and Aesthetic Smile

Thanks to an aesthetic smile, we feel good physically and spiritually. The aesthetic smile allows people to have confidence in themselves in professional and social life. Even in the digital world, a smile is one of the most important elements of shared images. Smiling has a strong effect on interpersonal communication. The individual being a social being has an impressive effect on others. So we can say that the smile plays an important role in impressing people. At the same time, the most important element of a good smile is to have healthy and aesthetic teeth and gums.


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Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry includes the artistic aspect as well as the scientific aspect. We must also add the innovations brought by advanced technology. Thanks to the combined treatments you will have a perfect smile and at the same time healthy teeth and healthy gums.

Aesthetic Smile Design

Teeth are one of the most important elements of an impressive smile. Aesthetic smiles are endowed with naturally colored teeth and healthy gums that have an aesthetic appearance compatible with facial features, lips, mouth and chin. To produce an aesthetic smile it is necessary to have professionalism and experience. A thorough analysis and expertise are really necessary to obtain the harmony and perfection of the lips, jaws and teeth in the smiling position. A perfect smile is obtained with designs in accordance with the principle of the golden proportion.

Dental Aesthetics

Before starting the necessary treatments, specialists in the field perform a detailed dental examination. The detailed examination of the oral structure of the teeth is mandatory. Only after a thorough examination, dental treatment begins. In the second stage, the design of the appropriate smile is created using modern technological equipment, taking into account the structure of the patient's face, mouth, jaw and teeth. During this treatment many factors are taken into account: shape, arrangement, color, size, position of the teeth, etc. As part of the artistic design, the necessary restorations are carried out with materials and devices of advanced technology so that the individual has a perfect smile.

Methods Used in Dental Aesthetics

Several methods are used in dental aesthetics for creating an aesthetic smile. Pink aesthetics, dental implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening, three-dimensional applications are methods used alone or in combination in dental aesthetics.

Pink aesthetics, healthy gums are important for an aesthetic smile and healthy teeth. Healthy gums are pink and firm. For an aesthetic smile, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate gum problems (bleeding, swollen and red, that is to say   remove the cause of infection), clean the tartar on and under the gum, equalize the amount and length of the gum, ensure gum symmetry and restore gum symmetry. If necessary, hard and soft tissues are added.

Dental crowns it is one of the most appreciated methods when it comes to aesthetic dental treatment. Thanks to dental crowns, your teeth remain healthy and you have the opportunity to have a perfect smile. There are several types of crowns produced thanks to the many advanced technological possibilities: porcelain, composite, zirconium, E-max etc.

Dental implants are artificial roots intended to replace missing teeth and by appearance cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. A dental implant is a titanium screw placed in the jaw and intended to support a removable or permanent dental prosthesis.

An aesthetic appearance is ensured by aesthetic composite fillings or ceramic fillings instead of metal fillings (amalgam). The treatment is carried out with composite fillings in cases where caries takes up little space. In large-scale caries, porcelain fillings called inlays and onlays are preferred.

Tooth cleaning consists in eliminating color changes caused by substances such as tea, coffee, acidic drinks, cigarettes on the surface of the teeth. While teeth whitening consists of bringing the teeth to a whiter color than their natural color.

The dazzling technological developments are also manifested in the 3 D designs in the field of digital dentistry. Impeccable dental applications are achieved thanks to the three-dimensional design created with CAD and CAM systems and the materials produced intact according to this design.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry mean?
In aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, first of all, we begin to solve the gingival and dental problems of the individual. Then we try to achieve aesthetically perfect teeth and a smile, adapted to the structure of the face, the structure of the lips and mouth, the skin and even the personality and lifestyle of the individual.
What are the prices for cosmetic dental applications?
As long as the dental aesthetic treatment is personalized, the pricing is based on the type of treatment.
What are the methods used in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry?
In aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, the following methods are used: pink aesthetics, dental implants, dental crowns, fillings, dental bleaching, tooth brushing, three-dimensional dental applications, etc.